"We take pride in our process and providing you the very best that we have to offer...every time."

                                                          -our promise to you

We take great care to ensure your special day receives the unique attention it deserves. Your wedding is singular to you, your photos should reflect that. That is way we take the time to develop a style that rings true.


     Why is wedding photography soooo expensive?!


Jeremiah: Ah! A kindred spirit! I used to ask the same exact thing! The work associated with a wedding  doesn't end when the couple says their farewell. If anything, this is when the real work begins. We give individual care to each photo we provide you. As a result we can easily spend 30 minutes perfecting a single photo. We provide approximately 40-60 photos per hour of photography. At a rate of 2 photos an hour, it can take us 300 hours just to edit the photos! Not to mention the time it takes us to sort through all the photos that were actually taken. (We can take over 6000 photos at a single wedding!) The price also helps cover our insurance. Many venues won't even allow photographers on their grounds without insurance. It also allows us to maintain our equipment and upgrade it when necessary.

     What other fees our expenses should I be aware of?


Gwyneth: That's a great question! We like to keep things simple, so no hidden fees! The listed package price includes travel and taxes.


     How many prints are included with the Gold, Platinum, and Diamond packages?


Gwyneth: I'm glad you asked! Those packages each include a $100 credit. You can use that credit through the online gallery (hosted by Pixieset) to order the pictures of your choosing and in the sizes you prefer. 


     Once I use my credit, do I still have to use your store to print more photos or can I get them printed anywhere?


Jeremiah: You must print through our store and only our store...KIDDING! We provide a print release with every session so you may go to any print shop you like!

     How many edited photos can I expect?

Gwyneth: That's a wonderful question. So we typically provide anywhere from 40 to 60 photos per hour. Our highest priority is Quality over Quantity. As such, we hand edit every single image. (See our process here.) Each photo can take us anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour to edit. 

Wedding Photography

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