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"We capture moments that last a lifetime..."

M e e t   J e r e m i a h

   Jeremiah is a classically trained film maker and photographer. You can usually find him behind a camera mumbling phrases like “depth of field,” “color balance,” and “shutter speed.” Jeremiah’s time in the military gives him sharp attention to detail, and a methodical discipline that promises quality, precision, and layered nuance in each of his projects.

M e e t   G w y n e t h

   Gwyneth is an unconventionally trained photographer who hails from the sciences. She was actually published by 17...for developing a working model on how to moderate climate change...seriously! If she isn’t behind her camera, she’s behind her computer obsessing over the perfect edit for each of her shots. Her passion is unparalleled!

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Photography is an art, and, like all good art, it cannot be mass-produced. It is a labor of love, and unfurls gently as the vision takes shape. It is a high stakes craft and difficult, posing varied challenges and obstacles. So why choose it?